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The Week February 26, 2010

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How about those curlers?

At the Winter Olympics, the news has been all about those curlers. Oops, I guess it’s curling. Like many sports fans, I’m not that familiar with the sport. But I do know that China’s men’s and women’s teams tromped the US. But that’s not the big news. The big news is the pants. The team of Norway attracted a lot headlines with their colorful pants. Even the King of Norway said he wants a pair of the pants.

Like other hot Olympics sports, we’ll probably soon see kids curling on the streets. But here in China, let’s do it with Chinese characteristics. After all, we’ve got the pants. And we have got the broom, so let’s sweep our way to victory.

How about fake parents?

Speaking of looking like someone’s mother. over the Chinese New Year, many young people hired fake girlfriends or fake boyfriends to take home to meet their parents. In fact, there was one man who told the BBC he offered 9,500 yuan to a girl to pretend to be his real girlfriend. It seems that there are too many parents nagging their offsprings about getting married, or at least bring home what might become a spouse.

Next time, instead of taking home your fake boyfriend or girlfriend to meet your mother, why don’t you take your real girlfriend or boyfriend home to meet your “fake” mother. For 500 yuan, I won’t scold you about jobs or money. For another 500 yuan, I’ll tell you I don’t care if you ever get married or have kids. And for free, I will tell you to keep getting on the Internet and watching those online videos!

First came iPod; now it’s iPoo

First there was the Apple’s iPod. Now in the App Store, there’s the iPoo. Yes, it does sound sort of like what it reads like. When you are in the bathroom and you’re bored,turn to iPoo and share way too much information with your friends about what you’re doing, or there is plenty of reading material to keep you company.

Spring fashion follies

Spring is just around the corner, and the women of Beijing are showing their high fashion. They drape glamorous scarves around their necks . it’s more like streets of Italy or Paris this time of year. There are fashion winners and fashion losers. Because not every Beijing woman in Beijing has mastered the art of fashionable scarves.

Farewell Spring Festival

Well, Spring Festival is over, we can still eat some dumplings during the Lantern Festival that’s coming up. In this year of the tiger, there are some winners, and there are some who suffered from a few too many fireworks.

But meanwhile, we can dream about sunny beaches, we can dream about when we will sleep in, we can dream about those family reunions, about those endless family arguments. Come to think of it, let’s get back to work.

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The Week February 26, 2010

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The Week February 26, 2010

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