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FIFA fan parks a hit in Johannesburg

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FIFA fan parks a hit in Johannesburg

There are many ways to watch World Cup action in Johannesburg. The lucky people have tickets to the matches. For others, there are numerous restaurants and bars around the city that show the action on television. Also popular are the fan parks FIFA, the international soccer organization, has built in three locations.

FIFA sponsored fan parks have become a big hit around Johannesburg. There are three around the city. This one, in Newtown, near downtown, is the largest. Today, fans have gathered to watch Germany take on Serbia on this large screen. Thebe Moabelo says its fun to share the spirit of the World Cup with complete strangers at the fan parks.

"It is so nice, we are watching soccer, I dont even know his name but I can just say, Yo, what is the score my man? You see that? [he doesn't] even have to ask me what my name is. That is why I come to fan parks."

The parks are also a place to have fun between matches. There are street performers of all kinds.

And a soccer ring for kids to play in.

Fan parks are also a place for people to learn about African culture. There are African arts and crafts of all kinds for sale.

Ester Githinji agreed to show us some of the pieces she was selling. She also showed us a collection of handmade African dolls from the Ndebele, Zulu, and Swazi tribes.

"In South Africa there are many tribes," she explained. "These are their colors and this is how you can tell this is a Ndebele from a Zulu."

There is also plenty of food. But the main attraction is the soccer. On this day, Germany was defeated by Serbia. After the match the crowd heads for the food stalls. There will be another match in about an hour, but the fun continues.

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