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The Week July 9, 2010

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A High-Wire Record

Chinese tightrope walker Adili Wuxor is back on solid ground after winning the Shanghai Big World Jinisi Records this month. He spent 60 days walking on a tightrope above Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium, the site of the 2008 Olympics. Today, we have a special guest from Beijing who is trying to break the record for NOT walking a tightrope

Happy Birthday!

With all the Americans now living in China, there was no shortage of people to celebrate America’s birthday this week. How do Americans celebrate the 4th of July in Beijing? The Week investigates.

World Cup, China-Style

There’s no shortage of Chinese fans for this year’s World Cup under way in South Africa. One Chinese fan, Zhang Lijun of Shenyang, spent three years training her pet cockerels to do soccer tricks. She recently held her own match featuring her pet birds.

It’s not just that noisy noisemaker, the vuvuzuela, which was made in China for World Cup fans. The official South Africa Cup World Cup ball, the Jubulani, is also made in China. And what about World Cup mascot “Zakumi”? Also made in China. And those crazy, colorful wigs they wear at the games, also made in China. Of course, not to mention the official South Africa World Cup Choice Condom.

Hot Enough to Fry an Egg

It was so hot in China this week that people crowded swimming pools and even took mud baths to cool off. There were plenty of ice cream treats, even for zoo animals in China. But was it hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement? The Week investigates ….

Let’s Go Expo!

Ice cream is a treat you can find everywhere this summer at the 2010 World Expo under way in Shanghai. So let’s go Expo! There’s so much to do, and so much to see. And in the Turkish section, they have the craziest way of making ice cream.

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The Week July 9, 2010

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The Week July 9, 2010

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