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The Week Sept 10, 2010

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True love

When it comes to true love, it starts with our teachers. We couldn’t spell the word love or know what it means without teachers who show us how to read and use words, and who tell us our imagination can take us anywhere. Today is Teacher’s Day, so show them the love, with a hug, a card, a picture, a smile, a thank-you. Thank you, teachers!

Twisted love

This being The Week, we now turn to Twisted Love. In Anhui province, two love-struck teenage girls spotted a handsome boy at the roller skating rink. So they started bumping into him, to get his attention. But the boy fell down and broke his leg. According to the Jianghuai Morning Post, he sued the love-struck girls for 20,000 each. Like the song says, “Love is a Battlefield.”

Love is a battlefield for grown-ups in Anhui province, too. Anhui Business Daily this week reports the case of a woman attaching a GPS device to her husband’s car to stop him from gambling. Even though the husband would lie and say he was at a business meeting, his wife would track him down in the local poker halls. It was a mystery to the husband until a mechanic found the GPS device on his car. The moral is: Don’t lie to a wife who knows about technology.

Holiday blues

With the Mid-Autumn Festival coming up later this month, followed by the National Day holidays, workers around China are making plans to take at least a few days off for vacation. But not every office is ready to close down for all those vacation days. So how do bosses at those offices give their workers vacations and still stay open for business? The Week investigates …

The case of the chopstick killer

A popular video making the rounds on the Internet is a fiction thriller called Spoon Killer. A man is chased by a criminal armed only with a spoon. It’s annoying, how deadly is it to be attacked with a spoon? Here in China, the Week introduces you to an equally annoying criminal: the Chopstick Killer …

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The Week Sept 10, 2010

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The Week Sept 10, 2010

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