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The Week Sept 17, 2010

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Sexy cities

What’s the sexiest city in China? Shanghai, according to the Horizon Research Consulting Group. No 2 is Hong Kong , No 3 is Chongqing and No 4 is Beijing. Some of the 6,600 Chinese people surveyed said the Expo and the city’s romantic sites such as the Bund are why Shanghai is so sexy. But could it be that Shanghai’s real appeal is World Expo mascot Haibao.

Wash and style ice cream

China saw some record-breaking heat this summer, and so did Japan. Japanese barber Hitoshi Saito is making snow cones, mixing in shampoo, and dumping it on the heads of customers. In fact, Saito says when the temperatures go up, so do the number of his customers. For the do-it-yourself set, Saito recommends putting your shampoo in the refrigerator to cool off in the shower.

Dumb boyfriends

Yes, it’s time for this week’s report on dumb boyfriends. One of the more popular videos making the rounds on the Internet this week in China is about the young man from Taiwan who tried to convince his girlfriend he is at office when he makes a video call. Nice try, but he blew it when a bug made him jump.

Moon cakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is next week, and stores and bakeries are already offering every kind of moon cake. It seems that every province has its own special recipe for moon cakes. Astronaut and Chef Chris Clarke joins us today to share his very special recipe for moon cakes.

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The Week Sept 17, 2010

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The Week Sept 17, 2010

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