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The Week Nov 12, 2010

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Counting 1.2 billion, 1.4 billion …

The world’s largest census came to an end this week. More than 6 million census takers – that’s more than the population of some countries – went door to door in China for the once-a-decade population count. That’s a lot of counting in a country that the UN estimates has a population today near 1.4 billion. But the work’s not over. Now census takers are going back door to door again for the next week to double-check some of the information. Let’s check in on one census taker going to double-check some facts …

The US and China: A love story

World leaders gathered in Seoul in the Republic of Korea this week for the G20 Summit. What would the US and China be talking about? Probably their ongoing disagreements about some trade issues. But that’s not what was making the rounds on the Internet this week. It was a love story. What if a Terra Cotta Warrior from China fell in love with the Statute of Liberty in the US?

Let’s donate blood!

The Red Cross of China is organizing blood drives this week, after many hospitals reported they’re running short of blood supplies this winter. It’s a great cause, and it doesn’t cost you anything to give. Let’s look in on a not exactly official blood donation rally …

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The Week Nov 12, 2010

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The Week Nov 12, 2010

Renee Haines is an editor and broadcaster at China Daily. Renee has more than 15 years of experience as a newspaper editor, radio station anchor and news director, news-wire service reporter and bureau chief, magazine writer, book editor and website consultant. She came to China from the United States.