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The Week Dec 10, 2010

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Wearing what you eat

Call it wearing what you eat. South Korean artist Sung Yeonju, who graduated earlier this year from Hong Kong University, is already a big hit with her new clothing line. All her dresses are made from food. There are dresses made out of red cabbage, bananas and even lotus root. But that’s nothing new. I have lunch every week with a guy who wears his food. You can be me at the restaurant. Let’s go have lunch.

Don’t call them old ladies

They are both in their 80s. But don’t call them old ladies. In China, an 82-year-old grandmother in Beijing is wowing crowds at a local park with her amazing feats of the ancient Chinese art of kung fu. Zhao Yufang says she is a master of Shaolin kung fu, and visits the park every day to show off her flexibility. In the United States, 88-year-old Betty White is an actress who practices the not-so-ancient art of American football.

No Christmas break

College students in the US are getting excited about the upcoming Christmas break. But in part of Asia, students don’t get time off for Christmas. They have to keep waking up and going to class, day after day, week after week. Here’s how one student feels about that.

Car dance smackdown

A popular video on the Internet this week involves young women in Wuhan in central China who were videotaped performing synchronized ballet movements from upside down in cars. It’s an elegant show. Here in Beijing, our chief senior expert on in-car dancing, Chris Clark, demonstrates how men can car dance, too -- if not as elegantly.

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The Week Dec 10, 2010

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The Week Dec 10, 2010

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