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Other agendas pushed outside summit

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Not all the 2,200 accredited media representatives at the G20 summit were journalists - activists and academics made use of the global media reach to spread their message, too.

Bob Geldof was there, putting on a performance he has become renowned for in recent years: A political activist. Looking pale but animated, the former Irish rock star mingled comfortably with journalists, most of whom called him "Bob".

"I am here to remind the world leaders, through the media, that their topics should go beyond derivative traders, credit default swaps and mortgage-backed securities," Geldof told China Daily.

Surrounded by journalists, he patiently made his case that the international financial crisis stemmed from the neglect of Africa and the poorest of the poor.

"The failure of the world financial system can be attributed to the fact that 50 percent of the world, those living on less than $2 a day, were excluded from the global economy," Geldof said. "It was asymmetric. Instability is inherent in asymmetry. It becomes top heavy. It falls over."

As he held forth, many leaders of activist groups came up to shake hands with him, including Kumi Naidoo, founder and co-chair of Global Call to Action Against Poverty.

"We are from the non-government sector and we need joint action to make our voices heard," said Naidoo, adding that the world must recognize that the majority of countries, where the poor reside in large numbers, are excluded.

He urged the world leaders to acknowledge that the United Nations, too, should be involved in tackling the global financial crisis - and that the G20 should not undermine the global body.

Naidoo is keen to deliver his message to the US. "Barack Obama must be reminded that many of us around the world supported his candidacy in a variety of different ways," said Naidoo.

"We need to send a message to Obama and the G20 that we have a perfect storm: A convergence of a financial crisis, a climate crisis, a passive genocide inspired by the poverty crisis, a gender inequality crisis.”

Researchers and academics from think tanks, on the other hand, were far less strident but their goal was the same.

As journalists tried to make sense of the selective leaks from the closed-door summit, they were there to put forward their take.

Gregory T. Chin, senior fellow at Canada-based Centre for International Governance Innovation, said: "Within three hours, I have accepted three interviews.

Chin said his organization, a global think tank, tries to grasp every big chance to deliver its message to the public.

"And that's why we sit here in the media center," said Chin, who had three colleagues interacting with the media. "The voices, out of the government, should be respected, especially now when the world is mired in a crisis."

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Other agendas pushed outside summit

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Other agendas pushed outside summit

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