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Sarkozy's invitation to Hu confirmed

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China cherishes ties with France and is keen to maintain high-level official exchanges, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday, confirming that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has invited President Hu Jintao on a state visit.

French National Assembly Speaker Bernard Accoyer handed over a letter containing the invitation to Hu during their meeting on Friday, ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a press briefing.

In the letter, Sarkozy reiterated his aspiration for enhancing cooperation with China. He also said France would strengthen contacts and coordination with China on major international issues, especially on resolving the global financial crisis and the reform of international financial institutions, Jiang said.

China and France will together learn from the experience gained in the course of bilateral relations, she added.

Sino-French relations soured last December after Sarkozy met with the Dalai Lama. His meeting prompted China to call off a summit with the European Union, of which Paris was holding the rotating presidency. But ties thawed earlier this month after the two foreign ministries issued a joint statement, in which France reiterated its stance of not supporting "Tibet independence" in any form.

During a meeting with former French president Jacques Chirac in Beijing yesterday, Hu called for new initiatives to boost the comprehensive strategic partnership.

Hu described Chirac as an old friend of the Chinese people for his contribution to the friendship between the two nations. Chirac is on his ninth visit to China.

"The Chinese people will never forget this," Hu said.

Chirac praised China's achievements, calling the nation's development "a positive factor" in global prosperity.

Chirac also met with State Councilor Dai Bingguo yesterday. Le Parisien newspaper reported he would meet with former President Jiang Zemin, an old friend, during the visit.

Chirac is scheduled to deliver a speech on bilateral relations at China Foreign Affairs University today.

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Sarkozy's invitation to Hu confirmed

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Sarkozy's invitation to Hu confirmed

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