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Prince Harry ends 1st official visit to US with polo

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Britain's Prince Harry wound up his first official visit to the US by reminding New Yorkers how much his mother loved their city with a rousing game of polo. He climbed onto a pony for a game of polo to raise money for impoverished children in Africa.

Harry flew back to Britain on Saturday night. Earlier in the day, the 24-year-old prince drew a crowd that included celebrities like Madonna, actress Kate Hudson and rapper LL Cool J. But the Prince also captured the attention of ordinary New Yorkers out for a rare sight: a polo game in the city.

"You see this out in the Hamptons, but not so much in the city," said Vincent Hodgins of Manhattan, who brought his two sons to watch the prince play the match on a sunny day on Governors Island in New York Harbor.

The Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic was a fundraiser for Sentebale, the charity that Harry has set up with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho to help poor children and AIDS orphans in that small African nation surrounded by South Africa.

"Prince Seeiso and I both lost our mothers when we were very young," Harry said in brief remarks before the match. "We set up Sentebale in their memory, and because my mother loved this city, it makes this occasion all the more poignant for me."

His team, named after the charity, proceeded to defeat the opposing Black Watch team 6-5. Harry assisted on the winning goal in the last seconds, drawing the biggest cheer of the afternoon. Both teams included prominent polo stars like Argentine Nacho Figueras, also a Ralph Lauren model, who played for Black Watch.

It was the second and final day of Harry's first official visit to the United States, which began with a sober visit on Friday to the site of the September 11 terrorist attack. On Saturday morning, the prince toured Harlem's Children Zone, a community organization that offers families social and educational services.

Harry, the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, is third in line to the British throne, after his father and older brother, William. He's been dubbed the "party prince," and his New York trip seemed designed partly to counter that image with a focus on his charity work.

The event was free to the public, but guests in the VIP tent had paid from $50,000 a table down to $500 a head to picnic on the lawn. In true polo-watching fashion, there were more hats than at an Easter parade; for the women, they were topped by flowers, feathers and even butterflies climbing up a wire trellis.


1. What is the name of Prince Harry’s charity?

2. What country does the Prince’s charity help support?

3. What nickname has been given to Prince Harry?


1. Sentebale.

2. Lesotho.

3. The “party prince”.

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Prince Harry ends 1st official visit to US with polo

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Prince Harry ends 1st official visit to US with polo

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