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No summer camp for students, says ministry

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Summer camps and other student activities will be cancelled this holiday period to prevent further spread of the H1N1 flu.

Officials at the Ministry of Education yesterday said that student activities, including summer camps, should be held "only when necessary."

In areas with multiple cases of the virus, the local education authority will downgrade the amount and scale of such activities, the announcement said.

In major A/H1N1 flu areas, such activities should be cancelled, the MOE said.

The announcement follows outbreaks among more than 120 students, parents and teachers at several summer camps in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Local education authorities are asking activity organizers to establish flu prevention plans, the announcement said.

Meanwhile, the capital's education committee has asked schools participating in the 60th national day parade to record the temperature of each student twice a day.

Students also will be required to report their daily temperature in the week before training resumes in August.

A total of 2,152 H1N1 flu cases have been reported on the Chinese mainland. The Minister of Health said that 1,988 of these people were fully recovered as of yesterday. No severe cases or deaths have occurred so far.


1. why did the Ministry of Education decide to ban all summer camps for children this year?

2. what precautions will be undertaken during the October national day parade?

3. how many flu cases have been reported on the Chinese mainland so far?


1. Following an outbreak of H1N1 in Beijing and Guangzhou.

2. Students will have their temperatures recorded twice a day.

3. 2,152.

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No summer camp for students, says ministry

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