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Suits a no-no on Pittsburgh streets

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People in Pittsburgh are not wearing formal suits today, and many companies are closed in fear of being attacked by emerging protesters as the G20 summit kicks off here.

"Actually people say don't wear business suits today, or you'll probably get hit by things the protesters throw," a passerby told a Chinese-language CCTV program broadcast yesterday.

A lawyer in sportswear walking in the street said she changed her clothes to "ensure safety".

In the nearby building where she works, many companies were closed, while more and more will be closed today as the summit starts, she said.

Few people were walking in the usually crowded streets, while many shops and restaurants remained shut.

"It's quite strange, it's like a dead city," said another one.

However, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said there is no need to worry about security during the summit.

The major thing that the youthful 29-year-old is handling these days is to ensure the safety of about 10,000 guests from around the world. To that effect, local authorities have mobilized about 3,000 police from other jurisdictions to help the 900 in the city.

Footage of the CCTV program showed police erasing slogans calling for attention to the climate change that had been written on walls and even hung from a bridge. Helicopters patrolled the air.

Police have arrested some illegal protesters, said Ravenstahl. "So far we have just issued 10 to 20 protest certificates."

Despite tight security measures, cheerful emotions associated with a recovering global economy could still be felt across the city.

"There is less stress here compared with the April G20 summit in London," said Rui Chenggang, an anchorman of a CCTV financial program that is reporting from Pittsburgh.

"Slogans welcoming the world to Pittsburgh in languages of all the G20 countries can be seen everywhere, and I think that reflects a positive attitude toward the world economy as many countries have announced signals of recovery," he said.

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Suits a no-no on Pittsburgh streets

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Suits a no-no on Pittsburgh streets

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