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Beyonce bounces into Beijing

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American R&B singer and songwriter Beyonce Knowles' I AM… world tour will come to Beijing's Wukesong Arena on Oct 23.

Although the concert will be held outside of the downtown area, it's the most anticipated performance since last year's Kylie Minogue appearance at Workers' Stadium.

The I AM ... tour is the 27-year-old performer's first full-length concert since The Beyonce Experience sold-out in 2007. It features performances of songs from the album I am Sasha Fierce, which went gold in China.

Beyonce bounces into Beijing

"Sasha Fierce is my alter ego, and now she has a last name. I have someone else that takes over when it's time for me to work and when I'm on stage. This alter ego that I've created that kind of protects me and who I really am," Knowles said in an interview when the album was released.

She says the double album allowed her to take more risks and really step out of - or, actually, into - herself.

According to a survey conducted by Beyonce's fan club in Beijing, most Chinese audiences expect her to perform Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), which was a No 1 hit on the American Billboard Hot 100 and R&B charts. It also topped Germany's airplay-based club charts for three weeks. The black-and-white music video for the song was shot in one take.

Other expected songs are Halo, a softer piano melody that also took the top spot on China's Hit FM Airplay chart for two consecutive weeks; and If I Were A Boy, which topped the UK, Norwegian, Swedish and South African charts.

World-renowned designer, director and photographer Thierry Mugler will work as creative advisor and costume designer during Beyonce's I AM... tour.

Knowles' new concert production promises to showcase the music and film superstar, along with her extraordinary all-women band, performing musical hits, classics and surprises.

Tickets priced at 1,688 yuan ($247) and 288 yuan have already been sold out, according to online box office www.piao.com.cn.

The head of Beyonce's fan club in Beijing, Huang Leixiang, says he can't wait to see his idol.

"Most people in the fan club have booked tickets," he says. "She is really hot and expresses all things good about the modern woman."


1. What pop star performed at Beijing’s Worker’s Stadium last year?

2. What is the name of Beyonce’s alter ego?

3. What songs is Beyonce expected to sing at the concert?


1. Kylie Minogue.

2. Sasha Fierce.

3. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), If I Were A Boy and Halo.

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Beyonce bounces into Beijing

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Beyonce bounces into Beijing

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