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Fashion giant lands in ‘Oriental Paris’ with flair

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The Kaiser of the fashion world has landed in Shanghai.

With his personal trademarks—sunglasses, ponytail, black and white clothes—Karl Lagerfeld, art director of Chanel, kicked off his Shanghai trip on Tuesday, hoping to find more inspiration from this “Oriental Paris”.

“Shanghai has a very special reputation in other Chinese cities. I have a mixed interest in both the past and contemporary (aspects) of the city,” said Lagerfeld at a press conference yesterday afternoon.

His trip, which ends tomorrow, also includes a grand show for Chanel to celebrate the opening of the brand’s “most refined boutique ever” at the Peninsula Shanghai.

Showcasing the house’s jewelry collections and fashion items, the boutique opened with art pieces such as an 18th century French limestone fireplace, an Yves Klein acrylic table encased with 3,000 sheets of scattered gold leaf, and two 18th century French chairs.

Hearing criticism from some local scholars on people blindly worshipping luxury brands, Lagerfeld reacted in his personal style—quick and edgy.

He described the luxury business as one that helps create and provide jobs.

And China seems to like the fashion icon’s attitude very much.

The luxury market in China has been growing at 20 percent a year recently, even during the financial crisis. UK-based consultancy OC&C predicts that sales of luxury goods in China will reach $12 billion by 2010, pushing China past Japan as the world’s top consumer of luxury goods.

Lagerfeld earlier said that when the crisis ends, Europe will ultimately become the good Old World. The New World will be represented by India, China and the Gulf states.

But the designer’s interest in China is more than the market.

He said he has been inspired by Chinese red and green, the stunning emperor yellow and Chinese music.

He also joked in the press conference that Mao Zedong and Coco Chanel are the two historical icons who established their personal styles with jackets.

“I have seen some ancient clothes from more than 2,000 years ago and they are still modern today,” Lagerfeld said.


1. What are Karl Lagerfeld’s trademarks?

2. Which countries will represent the New World when the financial crisis ends, according to Lagerfeld?

3. Name the two historical icons Lagerfeld said established their personal styles with their jackets.


1. Sunglasses, ponytail, black and white clothes.

2. India, China and the Gulf states.

3. Mao Zedong and Coco Chanel.


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Fashion giant lands in ‘Oriental Paris’ with flair

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Fashion giant lands in ‘Oriental Paris’ with flair

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