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6.5 quake shakes buildings on California's coast

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A magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck off the coast of Northern California, damaging buildings, knocking out power in several coastal communities and leaving a trail of broken windows and dishes south of the Oregon border.

The quake hit Saturday afternoon local time, about 35 kilometers from Ferndale, Calif., the US Geological Survey said.

Residents of an apartment building in Eureka were evacuated, and an office building and two other buildings were declared unsafe for occupancy.

"Our initial reports were that, though this was a pretty decent quake, we survived it well," Humboldt County spokesman Phil Smith-Hanes said, adding that damage assessments were ongoing.

Authorities said no major injuries have been reported. But several people received minor cuts and scrapes from broken glass at a mall in Eureka, and an elderly person fell and broke a hip, authorities said.

"We're mostly getting reports of bumps, bruises and hits on the head," said Laurie Watson Stone, a spokeswoman for St. Joseph Hospital, a 146-bed hospital in Eureka. "The emergency room is busy, but we haven't heard of any major injuries."

Amanda Nichols, a dispatcher for Eureka Police Department, said she received a report that an infant was struck in the head with some flying debris at the mall.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co said power outages were widespread across most of Humboldt County, affecting about 25,000 people.

Nearly 10,000 remained without power some five hours after the quake, and some could remain without power through Sunday.

No damage was done to the company's former nuclear power plant outside Eureka.

Sandra Hall, owner of Antiques and Goodies, said furniture fell over, nearly all of her lamps broke and the handful of customers in her store got a big scare. She said it was the most dramatic quake in the 30 years the Eureka store has been open.


1. What was the magnitude of the earthquake?

2. Where did the quake strike?

3. How many beds are in the St Joseph’s hospital?


1. 6.5.

2. 35 kilometers from Ferndale.

3. 146.


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6.5 quake shakes buildings on California's coast

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6.5 quake shakes buildings on California's coast

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