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More US troops, UN peacekeepers expected for Haiti

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Troops, doctors and aid workers flowed into Haiti yesterday even while hundreds of thousands of earthquake victims struggled to find a cup of water or a handful of food.

European nations pledged more than a half-billion dollars, with $474 million in emergency and long-term aid coming from the European Union alone.

But Haitians had more immediate worries.

"We don't need military aid. What we need is food and shelter," one young man yelled at UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during his visit to the city Sunday. "We are dying," a woman told him.

Meanwhile, Haitian riot police fired tear gas to disperse crowds of looters in the city's downtown as several nearby shops burned.

The US ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, acknowledged yesterday that "the security situation is obviously not perfect.”

A reliable death toll may be weeks away, but the Pan American Health Organization estimates 50,000 to 100,000 died in last week’s 7.0-magnitude quake. Haitian officials believe the number is higher.

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More US troops, UN peacekeepers expected for Haiti

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More US troops, UN peacekeepers expected for Haiti

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