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Travelers flock to buy tickets

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Around 210 million Chinese people will face ticket shortages and massive crowds as they try to head home for next month’s Lunar New Year celebrations, the Ministry of Railways warned yesterday.

The weeklong holiday begins February 13. It is the only chance for many, including tens of millions of migrant workers, to return home to see their families each year.

To ease the pressure of huge crowds flooding to get tickets home, a temporary ticket office with 200 windows – the largest of its kind ever built in China – opened at the Shanghai Railway Station yesterday.

Altogether, there are about 700 windows at various ticket-selling venues in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, in Beijing, the first day of sales for Spring Festival travel saw a mild increase in passengers. Beijing Railway Station officials say about 50,000 to 70,000 people are lining up every day to buy tickets.

A railway official told China Daily the number of people buying train tickets in Beijing likely will peak around February 10th, a few days before the start of the Spring Festival.

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Travelers flock to buy tickets

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Travelers flock to buy tickets

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