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Tianjin road rampage kills 9

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A 40-year-old man who hijacked his employer's bus and killed nine people as he careened through the port city of Tianjin yesterday morning was in critical condition last night after he tried to commit suicide.

The city’s information office said the man, a dispatch clerk at Tianbao Transportation Company located in Tianjin's economic development zone, was caught after a furious police chase. No formal charges had been filed yet.

Authorities said the man stole the empty company bus, plowed through the city streets near the company, and deliberately hit several vehicles, bicycle riders and pedestrians. Nine people were killed, and 11 others were injured.

When police caught the man, authorities said he tried to commit suicide by cutting his throat with a knife, and was taken to hospital.

The suspect was undergoing emergency treatment and it was not clear whether he would survive, a source who witnessed the accident told China Daily yesterday.

Before he set off on his killing spree, the man - for reasons not yet clear - injured a colleague with a knife in an argument, according to the information office.

Police sent dozens of vehicles and finally caught the suspect in the development zone. Before the chase ended, the man hit three police vehicles and injured four policemen.

Both the municipal government and the company refused to comment or give further details.

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Tianjin road rampage kills 9

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Tianjin road rampage kills 9

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