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L'Oreal brings help to poor mums of child quake victims

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Liu Hongying, a farmer in Beichuan Qiang autonomous county, Sichuan , is the mother of the first test-tube baby to be born in the province following the earthquake disaster.

As one of the worst-hit regions, Beichuan suffered heavy losses. Liu lost her 19-year-old son in the quake alongside thousands of mothers who lost children, and are still suffering from mental anguish and economic difficulties.

L'Oreal, the French cosmetics company, donated 500,000 yuan as well as skin care products to the county's 200 mothers with annual incomes of less than 650 yuan, under the help and support of the China Population Welfare Fund.

The company also granted special favors to mothers who gave birth to babies after losing children in the quake, including Liu, who is now the mother of two-month old test-tube daughter Wang Furong.

"The post-quake reconstruction calls for the collective efforts of the whole of society. I believe with the help of L'Oreal and other enterprises active in charitable causes, the mothers will walk out of the shadows and embrace a bright future," said Jing Dazhong, mayor of Beichuan County.

The donation is one of L'Oreal's reconstruction aid activities with the theme of "love and future". The company will offer ongoing help in the reconstruction, which will include the building of earthquake-resistant schools, in May and September.

"The reconstruction efforts have started to pay off, but we still cannot forget the mothers who are still facing hardship in life. L'Oreal's donation aims to rekindle their hopes for a beautiful life with regained determination and confidence. We also hope it would also arouse social attention. L'Oreal would like to help contribute to the reconstruction of the quake-hit regions in Sichuan province," said Paolo Gasparrini, L'Oreal China CEO.


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L'Oreal brings help to poor mums of child quake victims

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L'Oreal brings help to poor mums of child quake victims

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