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Female students going for the gold

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About 60 percent of female college students say they want to marry sons from wealthy families, freeing themselves from years of hard work, a recent poll shows.

Yet instead of blindly loving wealth, the students are looking at men from the "rich second generation" who will love them and will share a future with them, said Liu Shuqian, a professor of ethics at Guangzhou University.

The poll was carried out among 992 female students in Guangzhou by the Guangzhou Women's Federation and Guangzhou Women's Society.

However, citing another poll, Liu said male college students dislike women chasing rich second-generation men, with 68 percent disapproving.

Male students feel more lost and are facing greater pressure and challenges, especially financial pressures, than females, Liu said.

About 40 percent of female students say they intend to marry a man with an "iron bowl," namely one with a stable job, like a civil servant.

About 30 percent of female students weigh a successful marriage over success in their own career, with only about 3 percent choosing to stay single.

About 58 percent say they like a man with strong prospects, and look at whether he cares about her, is smart or has good potential in his career, instead of just measuring his current wealth. Thirty percent say they can accept a man who is less successful than she is.

Xiao Yahong, a university student in Guangzhou, said she prefers a man with "high-potential stock" who is a few years older.

"The living environment in today's society gives money a very important position. It would be hard to buy an apartment and a car on your own. But if you marry well, you have the upper hand."

However, if one is already in love, a woman tends to forget a lot of things, Xiao said.

On loyalty, 11 percent say they would love only one man in their life, while 13 percent accept loving more than one man simultaneously. About 78 percent would not tolerate betrayal, while 19 percent would accept occasional disloyalty.

A majority of the respondents believe love and marriage are separable, the poll shows.

Forty percent of the polled female students said they were currently dating. As for cohabitation before marriage, 26 percent consider it normal, with the percentage higher among those in love, and 65 percent giving their understanding, though they would not try it.

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Female students going for the gold

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Female students going for the gold

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