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Fresh snow hampers quake relief work

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In Qinghai province, five hours of snowfall left earthquake-ravaged Yushu county under a blanket of white on Thursday morning, hampering relief work.

"The snow is not heavy," said Tsering Drolma, a quake survivor living in a tent with 13 family members from three generations. "Snow nurtures grass on the steppe and makes the air here cleaner," she said.

But truck drivers delivering rescue supplies had to drive extra carefully on the ice-covered roads until the ice thawed later in the day.

Weather forecasts predict more snow and gusty winds in the coming days, with temperatures expected to fall by 4 to 6 C.

Some residents still face a shortage of winter clothing eight days after the deadly earthquake turned the town into a pile of debris.

To beat the odds of the wintry weather, rescuers bolstered their efforts to speed up dispatching heating equipment. Authorities said 7,000 stoves will be sent to Yushu to help residents stay warm.


1. How did snow hamper rescue efforts?

2. Why do some residents believe snow can be advantageous?

3. How many stoves are being sent to Yushu County?


1. Rescue trucks had to be careful on ice-covered roads.

2. One resident said the snow nurtures grass growth and cleans the air.

3. 7,000.


(中国日报网英语点津 Helen 编辑)

Fresh snow hampers quake relief work

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Fresh snow hampers quake relief work

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