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Brazil ready for VIPs

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The Brazil Pavilion will be closed to the public on Tuesday and Thursday as VIPs celebrate two key days on the country's Expo 2010 Shanghai calendar.

Tuesday's events at the pavilion are dedicated to its main sponsor, mining giant Vale, while Thursday marks the country's National Pavilion Day. Commissioner general for the Brazil Pavilion Alessandro Teixera will attend the second event.

"We have too many private guests coming. There will be a lot of internal events on these two days," said spokesman Desi Fernandez.

The pavilion will welcome a number of entertainers and celebrities on Thursday, including music stars Carlinhos Brown and Mart'nalia, as it shifts its public face to the Expo Center and American Square.

The two Brazilian artists will perform a show at the Expo Center following an opening ceremony at 10 am, with Mart'nalia on stage again at 5:30 pm and Brown performing solo at 8 pm.

Brown has taken the Brazilian music scene by storm over the last decade, composing more than 30 chart-toppers defined by his Afro-Brazilian beats infused with touches of reggae and electronic music. Samba personality Mart'nalia, daughter of samba legend Martinho da Vila, is another household name in the country. Her 2007 album Mart'nalia em Berlim was nominated for a Latin Grammy award.

Fans of the dancing martial art Capoeira can enjoy demonstrations at the American Square on the same day at 10 am and 2 pm, while percussionists and dancers will light up the American Stage at 3 pm.

Meanwhile, with the FIFA World Cup kicking off in South Africa on June 11, soccer fans will be able to watch the 2002 world champions play on the screen outside the Brazil Pavilion. Officials there signed an agreement with CCTV last month to show the games. Brazil's first game is against North Korea on June 15.


1. What pavilion will be closed on Tuesday and Thursday?

2. Where is the Expo held?

3. When does the World Cup start?


1. Brazil Pavilion.

2. Shanghai.

3. June 11.

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Brazil ready for VIPs

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Brazil ready for VIPs

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