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Shanghai residents ready to kick up soccer storm

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Nearly half of Shanghai residents who participated in an online poll said they will watch the opening ceremony and first game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa on TV on Friday night, according to a survey released on Thursday.

More than 30 percent said they will adjust their work schedule to watch the soccer event, while over 50 percent said the tournament won't impact their work, the survey said.

The survey, conducted by Smmail or citizen mail, a government-funded online information platform, polled about 2,400 Shanghai residents.

Another survey by Nielsen, which polled over 27,000 people globally, said seven out of 10 Chinese citizens would follow the month-long event, which kicks off at 8 pm (Beijing Time) on Friday.

"For soccer fans like me, the World Cup overrides everything. Girlfriend, thesis and work, they all have to make way for soccer this month," said Yuan Ruiqiang, 25, an English-major at Shanghai International Studies University.

"The beers and instant noodles are stocked and everything else is set. I can't wait for Friday.

"I will try hanging out with friends in pubs some time, but most of the time I prefer to watch the games at home, because it's cheaper and I can focus," Yuan said.

But not everyone is as enthusiastic. Although willing to devote some time to the event, many refuse to keep pulling all-nighters.

"I will definitely watch the opening game, but I won't follow every game because some of them will be aired late at night," said Li Wei, a 28-year-old office worker.

"It's not that I don't want to watch every game. It's just that my boss and my body won't allow me to."

A large majority - 74 percent - said they were going to watch the opening game at home while only 3 percent said they will go to a pub.

The Smmail survey also said that three-quarters of the residents believe five-time winner Brazil will lift the coveted trophy this year, while the Neilson poll shows 45 percent of Chinese are in favor of the samba kings.


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Shanghai residents ready to kick up soccer storm

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Shanghai residents ready to kick up soccer storm

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