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Capital melting under yellow-code heat wave

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A new wave of blisteringly high temperatures has hit the capital at the same time as high humidity air has made Beijing feel even hotter.

The Beijing Meteorological Bureau issued a yellow-code heat alert on Saturday, heralding the fact that three consecutive days in excess of 35 C was expected.

Weather forecasters in Beijing say the hot weather will probably not leave the city until the second half of this week.

Guo Jinlan, the bureau's chief weather forecaster, said it has been rare to see so many high-temperature days in July.

"The conditions are not conducive for rain," she told China Daily.

With the mercury rising, the number of people suffering from heatstroke has also climbed to a new level.

The 999 emergency rescue center of the Beijing Red Cross Foundation has mobilized many workers to participate in frontline rescue activities, aiming to help facilities cope with the increasing number of patients.

Red Cross officials said the rescue center usually receives two to three patients with heatstroke during the summer, but the number has jumped to 10 each day since Friday.

Due to the extreme weather, Beijing's power consumption exceeded 15 million kilowatts for the first time in history on July 23.


1. When is Beijing expected to begin cooling off from recent high temperatures?

2. What power consumption record was set on July 23?

3. How many more people are suffering from heat stroke in Beijing?


1. Meteorologists expect the hot weather to leave Beijing during the second half of this week.

2. Beijing’s power consumption exceeded 15 million kilowatts on July 23.

3. A Red Cross Foundation emergency rescue center said the average number of summer visitors suffering from heatstroke has increased from about two or three a day to 10 each day.


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Capital melting under yellow-code heat wave

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Capital melting under yellow-code heat wave

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