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7 HK tourists killed in Manila

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Philippine police shot and killed a sacked former policeman who was holding 15 Hong Kong tourists hostage aboard a bus in downtown Manila on Monday. But the Chinese embassy said seven hostages had been killed, after TV images showed some hostages leaving the vehicle alive.

In Hong Kong, Chief Executive Donald Tsang called it a "major tragedy", and expressed disappointment with the handling of the incident by Filipino authorities.

"The way it was handled, particularly the outcome, I find is disappointing," said Tsang.

The HK government also said it has issued the highest level travel alert for the Philippines, indicating a "severe threat" exists and all travel to the nation should be avoided.

The gunman, identified as 55-year-old former police captain Rolando Mendoza, was armed with an M-16 assault rifle.

He was allegedly sacked from the Manila police over robbery and drug claims and during the hostage crisis he demanded his former job back.

The bus, which initially had 25 people on board, was parked across lanes on a wide road near Manila's biggest park.

"The hostage-taker was killed. He chose to shoot it out with our men," police Colonel Nelson Yabut told reporters.

"On our first assault, Mendoza was sprawled in the middle of the aisle and shot one of our operatives. On our second assault we killed him."

Police could be seen removing a body from the front of the bus before entering the vehicle. The Red Cross said at least five hostages left the bus alive, but TV images also showed more bodies being removed.


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7 HK tourists killed in Manila

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7 HK tourists killed in Manila

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