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Thrill like Michael Jackson in video game

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Moonwalking just like Michael Jackson will soon be possible for everyone with the launch later this year of the first video game dedicated to the star since his death last year.

A game, developed under the watchful eye of Jackson's beneficiaries by French video game titan Ubisoft, will teach players to master the King of Pop's most famous dance moves.

Named Michael Jackson: The Experience, the game is being produced by Ubisoft's French editor in his studios in Montpellier and Montreal with a team of around 200 people.

The version for the Wii console, which has been seen by AFP, sets the tone right from the start with background music from the star's many hit songs. In total there will be between 25 and 30 available in the final version.

In the early 1990s, Jackson was the star of a video game adapted from his 1988 Moonwalker film which involved players fighting supposed enemies of the star.

This game, however, invites the player to try to move like Jackson with points awarded for the most successful.

"We have looked at hundreds of hours of video and collaborated with choreographers, notably Travis Payne, who was involved in the preparation for the This Is It tour," for which Jackson was preparing at the time of his death, said creative director Alkis Argyriadis.

Respect for the work of the singer, who sold more than 750 million albums worldwide and had 13 No 1 singles, is guaranteed by a firm managing the interests of Jackson's beneficiaries including his three children, with whom Ubisoft is in contact.


1. What is the dance move made famous by Jackson?

2. What is the name of the French video game giant?

3. How many No 1 singles did Jackson have?


1. Moonwalking

2. Ubisoft

3. 13

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Thrill like Michael Jackson in video game

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Thrill like Michael Jackson in video game

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