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Taiwan tourists shot at India holy site

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Two Taiwan tourists were injured when gunmen opened fire at New Delhi's main mosque on Sunday.

Gunmen opened fire on a tourist bus near New Delhi's main mosque on Sunday, police and medics said, leaving two men injured a fortnight before the start of the Commonwealth Games.

The Indian police have confirmed the two injured were from Taiwan. Calls to the Chinese embassy in India were unanswered by press time.

The attackers struck outside the Jama Masjid mosque in the ancient walled city, a top tourist attraction for visitors to the Indian capital, leaving one of the victims seriously hurt.

"Two persons were injured in the firing," New Delhi assistant police commissioner Jagbir Singh told AFP.

Indian officials have been forced to defend security provisions in the city for the upcoming Commonwealth Games after participating countries voiced fears the event would be vulnerable to attacks.

One of the shooting victims had a serious stomach wound, said Vijay Kumar, a doctor who treated the two at the nearby Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Hospital.

"One has been shot seriously in the stomach, but his pulse and blood pressure appear to be normal," Kumar said

Eyewitness Hafeez Javed told local Zee television that the attackers fired with automatic weapons.

One gunman fired randomly from an automatic weapon outside one of the main gates of the red-stone shrine, said Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the mosque's chief imam.

"The two terrorists came on a motorcycle and the man riding pillion first fired randomly at the mosque and then fired in the air and at the people, and then he fired on the bus in which the tourists had come," Bukhari said.


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Taiwan tourists shot at India holy site

Taiwan tourists shot at India holy site

Todd Balazovic is a reporter for the Metro Section of China Daily. Born in Mineapolis Minnesota in the US, he graduated from Central Michigan University and has worked for the China daily for one year.