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Somalia is high on terrorism risk list

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Somalia has replaced Iraq as the state most at risk from terrorist attack, according to a ranking by global analysts Maplecroft, which sees threats also rising in Russia, Greece and Yemen.

A statement by the consultancy about its latest Terrorism Risk Index said increased dangers seen in Somalia and Yemen were caused by al-Qaida-associated violence while those in Russia stemmed from attacks by separatists from the North Caucasus.

The largest change in the rankings was Greece, which moved from 57 to 24 to become the European country most at risk, a trend the consultancy said was due to violent left-wing groups.

Pakistan, where more than 2,000 people have been killed in a wave of deadly attacks by Islamist militants since 2007, moved up one place to become the country second most at risk, while neighboring Afghanistan slipped from second place to fourth. Iraq is in third place.

Security experts say the global risks posed by hardline Islamist groups were most recently underscored by al-Qaida's claim of responsibility for the planting of explosives on cargo planes flying to the United States from Yemen last month.

Maplecroft said Somalia suffered 556 terrorist incidents, in which 1,437 people were killed and 3,408 wounded, between June 2009 and June 2010, the period on which the rankings are based.

It said: "Somalia has the highest number of deaths from terrorism per population and surpassed Iraq and Afghanistan in the number of fatalities per terrorist attack."

Maplecroft said much of Somalia's violence was attributable to the al-Qaida-aligned al Shabaab militant group, which has been fighting a weak transitional government for three years and now controls swathes of the south and center of the country.

Yemen worries the West because it is home to al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which claimed the failed cargo plane attack and a botched plot by a Nigerian student to bomb an airliner over Detroit on Dec 25, 2009.


1. Who moved from 57 to 24 in the Terrorism Risk Index?

2. Who is the number 2 on the index?

3. How many people were killed in terrorist attacks in Somalia 2009-2010?


1. Greece.

2. Pakistan.

3. 1,437.


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Somalia is high on terrorism risk list

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Somalia is high on terrorism risk list

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