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Twin 'terrorist' bombings rock Sweden

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Two blasts rocked the center of Stockholm on Saturday night in what Sweden's foreign minister called "a terrorist attack", killing one person and wounding two.

The blasts on Saturday took place after Swedish news agency TT said it received a threatening letter about Sweden's military presence in Afghanistan and a years-old case of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad.

The incident began when a car burst into flames in the city center, followed by explosions from within the car which the police said were caused by gas canisters.

Another explosion took place, in which a man believed to be the suicide bomber died, about 300 meters away. Two people were wounded in that blast.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said in a message on Twitter, which was also shown on his blog: "Most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of central Stockholm. Failed - but could have been truly catastrophic."

Investigations were underway to see if the two incidents were linked.

Swedish newspapers all said the man did blow himself up.

One quoted a man called Pascal, a trained medic, as saying, "It looked as if the man had carried something that exploded in his stomach".

"He had no injuries to the face or body in general and the shops around were not damaged."

Newspaper Aftonbladet quoted a source as saying that the man was carrying six pipebombs, of which only one exploded.

He also had a rucksack full of nails and suspected explosive material, the newspaper said. It also quoted eyewitnesses saying the man was shouting in what was apparently Arabic.

The police declined to comment on that report.


1. In what Swedish city was the blast?

2. How many people died?

3. Which newspaper reported he was carrying six pipe bombs?


1. Stockholm.

2. One.

3. Aftonbladet.

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Twin 'terrorist' bombings rock Sweden

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Twin 'terrorist' bombings rock Sweden

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