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Estonia adopts euro as of Jan 1

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Estonians will replace their currency, the kroon, with the euro beginning Jan 1 with both joy and hesitation, as Europe's public debt turmoil is more likely to engulf more countries after the crises in Greece and Ireland.

With a population of 1.34 million, Estonia will become the eurozone's 17th member since the euro currency was put into circulation in 2002. Estonia joined the European Union, which has 27 members, on May 1, 2004.

Estonia is busy preparing an evening concert and fireworks in its capital Tallinn on New Year's Eve to celebrate the euro introduction.

"This marked the beginning of our journey toward the developed world," Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves told AFP.

"Estonia has since become a member of the EU and NATO, in 2004, and joining the eurozone in January 2011 will mean arriving in Europe again," the president said.

However, the local media has reported that optimism among Estonia's consumers has slipped in recent months - most likely due to uncertainty surrounding the country's upcoming accession to the eurozone.

Estonia is the third EU member in Eastern Europe that has introduced the euro. Slovenia became the first eurozone Eastern European member in 2007, followed by the Slovak Republic in 2009.

Latvia and Lithuania, meanwhile, have been in efforts to meet fiscal, debt and inflationary requirements to join the euro club as they seek to adopt the euro in 2014.


1. What currency will be replaced by the euro?

2. What is the population of Estonia?

3. Who was the first eurozone Eastern European member in 2007?


1. Kroon

2. 1.34 million

3. Slovenia


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Estonia adopts euro as of Jan 1

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Estonia adopts euro as of Jan 1

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