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Here is Bo!

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WASHINGTON – New White House dog Bo took a bow before a paparazzi-style pack of cameras on Tuesday, prompting President Barack Obama to proclaim the new First Pet had "star quality."

Here is Bo!

US President Barack Obama presents the first family's new Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Bo, on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington April 14, 2009.  [Agencies]

The newest addition to the Obama family, a cuddly black-and-white Portuguese water dog, finally emerged from the White House on a leash held by First Lady Michelle Obama, ending a long saga dating back to the 2008 campaign trail.

Here is Bo! 白宫第一狗选定葡萄牙水犬 取名Bo

Here is Bo! 奥巴马主持白宫滚彩蛋活动 庆复活节

The pooch was promised by Obama to his daughters Malia 10, and Sasha seven, to make up for his long absences while running for president.

The six-month-old dog drew a chorus of "ahhhhs" as it was paraded before journalists by the girls at a photo op on the south lawn of the White House, and Obama was asked where the new pet would sleep in the presidential mansion.

"Not in my bed," he joked and said that the breathless news coverage of the dogs imminent arrival was "spectacular" and said Bo had "star quality."

Obama also said he had heard that Portuguese water dogs were partial to tomatoes, adding: "Michelle's garden is in danger."

Asked about former president Harry S Truman's remark that the only way to have a friend in Washington was to get a dog, Obama said "I finally got a friend -- it took some time."

After showing off their new pet to the cameras, the Obama family took a long walk around the White House grounds, with the tail-wagging pooch in tow.

At one stage, in what might be the most photographed dog walk in history, the president broke into a run as the dog yanked on the leash and nearly pulled him over.

For a White House that likes to keep the media on a tight leash, the saga of the Obama dog has been a source of favorable stories for months -- barely a presidential news interview has gone by without a canine question.

The dog is a gift to the Obama family from veteran Senator Edward Kennedy, who owns several Portuguese water dogs.

The Washington Post reported that the girls named the pet Bo in part because their cousins have a cat of the same name, and perhaps after Michelle Obama's late father's nickname Diddley, after the late rock 'n' roll legend Bo Diddley.


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