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Princess Diana's dress worn on first official appearance to be sold

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Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer with Princess Grace of Monaco in 1981.

The black dress worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, for her first official appearance with the Prince of Wales shortly before their engagement in 1981 surfaces at auction this summer.

It was rumoured that the Princess had destroyed the black taffeta gown - but it turned up recently in a wardrobe at the studio of dress makers David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

Now the iconic dress is set to fetch up to £50,000 when it appears at Kerry Taylor Auctions in London on June 8.

The dress caused a sensation when Lady Diana Spencer, as she then was, bent down to climb out of the car. She was met with a frenzy of flash bulbs and next day's newspapers included the headline: "Daring Di sets fashion as she takes the plunge".

But while 19 year old Lady Diana thought that black was elegant and grown-up, it was deemed an unusual choice as the Royal family wear the color almost exclusively for mourning.

The public, however, went wild over the dress. In the run-up to her wedding, the nervous fiancée lost so much weight that she returned the gown to the Emanuels to have it taken in. The alterations required were so drastic that they decided it would be easier to re-make a smaller version for her. They kept the original and forgot about it, only re-discovering it quite recently.

This gown forms part of the Emanuel Archive of Princess Diana-related material comprising 30 lots ranging from actual clothes worn by the Princess to fashion sketches, invoices, letters and related ephemera and expected to fetch a total of up to £175, 000. It charts the transformation of the Princess from a young, inexperienced teenager into a world-renowned style icon.

A large part of the Emanuel Archive focuses on the Royal wedding gown and includes original designs and toiles for the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses, the layered tulle petticoat worn by the Princess for fittings and rehearsals at St Pauls Cathedral, a duplicate sequined veil, invoices, letters from the Princess' mother, correspondence with Buckingham Palace and a photographic record of the making of the bridal gown. The collection also features fashion designs for the Princess' official tours to Venice 1984 and the Middle East in 1986.

(Read by Nelly Min. Nelly Min is a multimedia journalist at the China Daily Web site.)






当时,那时还是斯宾塞小姐的戴安娜身穿这件礼服俯身从车中出来,艳惊四座,现场的闪光灯此起彼伏,并在第二天抢占了报纸头条,标题为《戴安娜风格大胆 引领时尚先锋》。






英女王致信报社 抗议狗仔队骚扰


杰克逊葬礼或超越戴安娜 遗体将塑化保存


Diana Verdict 戴安娜案判决

戴妃写给男友情书曝光 两人感情深厚




警方否认“阴谋论” 查证戴妃死于意外

(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮 编辑蔡姗姗)


taffeta: a stiff shiny fabric made from silk or a similar material, used especially for making dresses 塔夫绸

turn up: to be found, especially by chance, after being lost (尤指失去后偶然)被发现,被找到

take the plunge: to decide to do something important or difficult, especially after thinking about it for a long time (尤指深思熟虑后)果断行事,作出决定

run-up: a period of time leading up to an important event; the preparation for this (重要事情的)前期;准备阶段;准备

take in: 改小

ephemera: things that are important or used for only a short period of time 只在短期内有用的事物

toile: (用平纹细布等廉价织物做的)试穿用服装;样服

tulle: a soft fine fabric made of silk,nylon, etc. and full of very small holes, used especially for making veils and dresses 绢网,丝网眼纱,薄纱(尤用以制作面纱或连衣裙)

petticoat: a piece of women's underwear like a thin dress or skirt, worn under a dress or skirt 衬裙

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