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We meet in a week that couldchange the United Kingdom forever. Indeed, it could end the United Kingdom aswe know it。

这一周可能永远改变英国,还有可能让我们所有人熟知的“United Kingdom”不复存在。


On Thursday, Scotland votes, and the future of ourcountry is at stake. On Friday, people could be living in a different country,with a different place in the world and a different future ahead of it。Thisis a decision that could break up our family of nations, and rip Scotland from therest of the UK. And we must be very clear. There’s no going back from this. Norerun. This is a once-and-for-all decision。If Scotland votes yes, the UKwill split, and we will go our separate ways forever。Whenpeople vote on Thursday, they are not just voting for themselves, but for theirchildren and grandchildren and the generations beyond。So Iwant to speak directly to the people of this country today about what is atstake。



I speak for millions of peopleacross England, Wales and Northern Ireland and many in Scotland, to who wouldbetterly heartbroken by the breakup of the United Kingdom。



Utterly heartbroken to wake up onFriday morning to the end of the country we love, to know that Scots would nolonger join with the English, Welsh and Northern Irishin our Army, Navy and AirForce, in our UK-wide celebrations and commemorations, in UK sporting teamsfrom the Olympics to the British Lions。The United Kingdom would be nomore. No UK pensions, no UK passports, no UK pound。



The greatest example of democracythe world has ever known, of openness, of peopleof different nationalities andfaiths coming together as one, would be no more。It would be the end of a countrythat launched the Enlightenment that abolished slavery that drove theindustrial revolution that defeated fascism. The end ofa country that peoplearound the world respect and admire the end of a country that all of us callhome。



And we built this home together.It’s only become Great Britain because of the greatness of Scotland。Because of the thinkers, writers,artists, leaders, soldiers, inventors who have madethis country what it is。It's Alexander Fleming and DavidHume; J.K. Rowling and Andy Murray and all the millions of people who haveplayed their part in this extraordinary success story, the Scots who led thecharge on pensions and the NHS and on social justice。We did all this together。

这是我们共同的家园。它之所以成为大不列颠是因为有伟大的苏格兰,是因为它的思想家、作家、艺术家、发明家,大家创建了这个国家。亚历山大•弗莱明、戴维•休谟、 J.K。罗琳、安迪•穆雷,以及百万人民成就了我们国家的伟大事业,以及领导和负责养老金和国家卫生医疗和社会正义的苏格兰人民。 我们一起成就了一切。


For the people of Scotland towalk away now would be like painstakingly building ahome – and then walking outthe door and throwing away the keys。SoI would say to everyone votingon Thursday, please remember. This isn't just any old country. This is theUnited Kingdom. This is our country。



And you know what makes us trulygreat?It's not our economic might or militaryprowess, it's our values。British values. Fairness.Freedom. Justice。The values that say wherever youare, whoever you are, your life has dignity and worth。The values that say we don't walkon by when people are sick, that we don't ask for your credit card in thehospital, that we don't turn our backs when you get old and frail。That we don't turn a blind eye ora cold heart to people around the world who are desperate and crying out forhelp。This is what Britain means。This is what makes us thegreatest country on earth。And it's why millions of us couldnot bear to see that country ending – for good,for ever – on Friday。



Now I know that there are manypeople across Scotland who are planning to vote Yes。I understand why this might soundappealing。It's the promise of somethingdifferent。I also know that the people whoare running the Yes campaign are painting a picture of a Scotland that isbetter in every way, and they can be good at painting that picture。But when something looks too goodto be true – that's usually because it is。And it is my duty to be clearabout the likely consequences of a Yes Vote。Independence would not be a trialseparation; it would be a painful divorce。And as Prime Minister I have totell you what that would mean。



It would mean we no longer sharethe same currency。It would mean the armed forces wehave built up together over centuries being split up forever。It would mean our pension fundssliced up – at some cost。It would mean the borders we havewould become international and may no longer be so easily crossed。It would mean the automaticsupport that you currently get from British embassies when you’re travellingaround the world would come to an end。It would mean over half ofScottish mortgages suddenly, from one day to the next,being provided by banksin a foreign country。It would mean that we no longerpool resources across the whole of the UK to payfor institutions like the NHSor our welfare system。It would mean that interest ratesin Scotland are no longer set by the Bank of England – with the stability andsecurity that promises。It would mean – for any banksthat remain in Scotland – if they ever got introuble it would be Scottishtaxpayers and Scottish taxpayers alone that would bear the costs。This is not guesswork. There areno question marks, no maybe this or maybe that。The Nationalists want to break upUK funding on pensions, the UK funding of healthcare,the UK funding andcomprehensive protection on national security。These are the facts. This is whatwould happen。An end to the things we sharetogether。And the people of Scotland mustknow these facts before they make this once-and-for-all decision。To warn of the consequences isnot to scare-monger it is like warning a friendabout a decision they might takethat will affect the rest of their lives – and the lives of their children。Is ay all this because I don'twant the people of Scotland to be sold a dream that disappears。



Now I know that some people say:we've heard about the risks and the uncertainties but we still want change。Look.The United Kingdom is not aperfect country - no country is。Of course we must constantlychange and improve people's lives。No one is content while there arestill children living in poverty。No oneis content while there arepeople struggling, and young people not reaching their potential。Yes,every political party isdifferent。But we are all of us –Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Nationalists – on aconstant mission to changeour country for the better。The question is: how do you getthat change?For me it's simple。



You don't get the change you wantby ripping your country apart。You don't get change byundermining your economy and damaging your businesses anddiminishing your placein the world。But you can get real, concretechange on Thursday: if you vote No.’Businessas usual' is not on theballot paper. The status quo is gone。This campaign has swept it away。There is no going back to the waythings were。



A vote for No means real changeand we have spelled that change out in practical terms, with a plan and aprocess。If we get a No vote on Thursday,that will trigger a major, unprecedented programme of devolution withadditional powers for the Scottish Parliament.Major new powers over tax,spending and welfare services。Wehave agreed a timetable forthat stronger Scottish Parliament: a time-table tobring in the new powers thatwill go ahead if there is a No vote...a White Paper by November, put into draftlegislation by January。This is a time table that is nowagreed by all the main political parties and set instone and I am prepared towork with all the main parties to deliver thisduring 2015.So a No vote actually meansfaster, fairer, safer and better change。And this is a vital point:Scotland is not an observer in the affairs of this country。Scotland is shaping and changingthe United Kingdom for the better – more so today than at any point in the lastthree hundred years and will continue to help shape the constitution of ourcountry。And Scottish people can enjoy theadditional powers its Parliament gives without losing the UK pension, the UKpound or the UK passport。Real change is Scotland's for thetaking。The power to set your own courseand make your own decisions with the security of being in the UK without therisks of going it alone。



It's the best of both worlds。



Scotland’s identity is already,strong Scottish culture, strong Scottish arts, a strongChurch of Scotlandand in the last 15years you have built a strong Scottish Parliament not afleeting institutionbut a permanent one。



So the vote on Thursday is notabout whether Scotland is a nation. Scotland is aproud, strong, successfulnation. The vote on Thursday is about two competing visions for Scotland’sfuture。



The Nationalists’ vision ofnarrowing down, going it alone, breaking all ties with the UK。



Or the patriotic vision of astrong Scottish nation allied to the rest of the United Kingdom with its ownstronger Scottish Parliament at its heart, and with the benefits of workingtogether in the UK on jobs, pensions, healthcare funding,the currency, interestrates。



It really is the best of bothworlds and it's the best way to get real change and secure a better future foryour children and grand-children,which is what this vital debateall about。



And speaking of family – that isquite simply how I feel about this. We are afamily. The United Kingdom is notone nation. We are four nations in a single country。



That can be difficult but it iswonderful. Scotland, England, Wales and NorthernIreland are different nations,with individual identities competing with each other even at times enragingeach other while still being so much stronger together。



We are a family of nations。



Why should the next generation ofthat family be forced to choose whether to identify only with Edinburgh or onlywith London choose which embassy they want to go to when they are in troubleabroad or pack their passport when they're going to see friends and loved ones?



A family is not a compromise, ora second best, it is a magical identity, that makes us more together than wecan ever be apart。



So please do not break thisfamily apart。



In human relations it's almostnever a good thing to turn away from each other,put up walls, score new lineson the map。



Why would we take one GreatBritain and turn it into separate smaller nations?



What is that an answer to?



How will that help the ambitiousyoung people who want to make their mark on the world or the pensioner who justwants security or the family relying on jobs make in the UK?



Let no one fool you that ‘Yes' isa positive vision. It's about dividing people,closing doors, making foreignersof our friends and family。



This isn't an optimistic vision。



The optimistic vision is of ourfamily of nations staying together there for each other in the hard timescoming through to better times。



We've just pulled through a greatrecession together. We’re moving forward together.The road has been long but itis finally leading upwards and that's why I ask you to vote No to walking away。



Vote No , and you arevoting for abigger and broader and better future for Scotland, and you are investing in thefuture for your children and grandchildren. So this is our message to thepeople of Scotland:



We want you to stay. Head andheart and soul, we want you to stay。



Please don't mix up the temporaryand the permanent。



Don't think: “I'm frustrated withpolitics right now, so I'll walk out the door and never come back。”



If you don't like me – I won't behere forever. If you don't like this Government– it won't last forever. But ifyou leave the UK – that will be forever。



Yes,the different parts of the UKdon't always see eye-to-eye。



Yes,we need change– and we willdeliver it but to get that change, to get abrighter future, we don't need totear our country apart。



In two days, this long campaignwill be at an end. And as you stand in the stillness of the polling booth, Ihope you will ask yourself this。



Will my family and I truly bebetter off by going it alone? Will we really be more safe and secure? Do Ireally want to turn my back on the rest of Britain, and why is it that so manypeople across the world are asking: why would Scotland want to do that? Why? Andif you don't know the answer to these questions –then vote No。



At the end of the day, all thearguments of this campaign can be reduced to a single fact: we are bettertogether. So as you reach your final decision,please don't let anyone tell youthat you can't be a proud Scot and a proud Brit。



Don't lose faith in what thiscountry is – and what we can be. Don’t forget what a great United Kingdom youare part of. Don’t turn your backs on what is the best family of nations in theworld and the best hope for your family in this world.So please, from all ofus: Vote to stick together, vote to stay, vote to save our United Kingdom。


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