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Fly sb.in

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A reader nicknamed "stephent;shang" asked about "fly sb.in" in Fanba,Language Tips.

The question is:

"They asked a lot of behavioural type questions and sounded like they were pretty keen on flying me in for a face to face interview."

Here is the explanation.

Fly sb.in

If you fly somebody in, you pay to bring them to where you are, especially from another place from far away, via an airplane.


Q. Have you gotten to know him at all? I know he's only been on tout for a bout a year, but just being another American have you gotten to know him?

JAMES BLAKE: Yeah. I've gotten to know him pretty well. Before he had this kind of success even when he was still a junior he came out and hit with me when I was visiting a friend in Chicago for a week.

He kind of jumped at the chance. I needed someone to practice with, and I flew him in. I needed someone that was willing to work hard and practice with me to get ready for Australia, and he jumped at the chance and was just a great practice partner for an entire week. We had a lot fun.


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About the author:

Zhang Xin is Trainer at chinadaily.com.cn. He has been with China Daily since 1988, when he graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Write him at: zhangxin@chinadaily.com.cn, or raise a question for potential use in a future column.