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今年北京的高考作文题是“仰望星空与脚踏实地”,温馨务实。这样的题目翻译成英语会是什么样呢?今天就转摘部分作文题的英语翻译,译文来自danwei.org上Joel Martinsen的帖子。




Why chase mice when there are fish to eat? — A cartoon showing one cat chasing a mouse while others eat fish has this as a caption.



Light Reading — "A: What is light reading? B: It is reading for the purpose of relaxation, interest, and practicality. UNESCO's selection of April 23 for world reading day arose out of a beautiful legend: April 23 is the date that famed Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes died, and it is also St. George's Day, celebrated in Catalonia. The legend goes that the knight George slew a dragon, rescued a princess, and was granted a gift in return: a book, representing knowledge and power. Every year on this day, Catalonian women will give a book to their husband or boyfriend, and the men will give a rose in return. Actually, the same day is the date of Shakespeare's birth and death, and is the birthday of authors such as William Faulkner, Maurice Druon, and Halldó Kiljan Laxness, so it is a fitting and proper choice for world reading day."


仰望星空与脚踏实地 Looking at the stars with your feet on the ground.



Danish fishermen — "When Danes go fishing, they carry with them a ruler. When they catch a fish, they will measure it and toss it back if it is not long enough. They say, "Isn't it better to let the little ones grow up?" More than two thousand years ago in our country, Mencius said, "If fine nets do not enter the pools, there will be more fish and turtles than can be eaten." And in fact this principle runs throughout many areas of our lives."


我生活的世界。世界似画笔下缤纷的色彩,世界如琴弦上跳动的音符;世界因创新而进步,世界缘和谐而温馨;世界可以存在于神奇虚拟的网络,世界更演绎着平凡真实的人生;世界说起来很大,世界其实又很小…… 每个人都有自己的世界,每个人都生活在世界之中。请你结合自己的体验和感悟,以“我生活的世界”为话题,写一篇文章。

The world I live in — "The world is like a painter's dazzling array of colors, the world is a melody dancing about on an instrument; the world advances through innovation and finds warmth through harmony; the world can exist in a marvelous virtual network, and the world is expressed in the real lives of ordinary people; the world may seem large, but it is really very small….everyone has their own world, but everyone lives in the world. Sum up your experiences and understanding of 'The world I live in.'"


难题 Tough problems



Green Life — "Green is vibrant, visually pleasing. Green is intertwined in life and ecology. Today, there is a new concept of green, one that is closely connected to the lives of every person."



Neighbors — "We are neighbors and rely on each other. You might be visible or invisible. It is impossible to avoid having neighbors, but you can make a choice."



As Roles Change — "When fledglings grow up, they are said to feed their aging parents with food from their own mouths. This is known as "reverse feeding". Similar phenomena exist in human society. The cultural influence of the younger generation on its elders is known as "reverse cultural feeding." For thousands of years, under the orthodox traditional model of children receiving instruction from their parents, the undercurrent of reverse cultural feeding was not obvious. But in today's rapidly-changing society, young people have a reverse feeding ability unprecedented among earlier generations. Their scientific knowledge, values, lifestyles, aesthetics and interests, are exerting a growing influence on their elders, leading to constant changes in the roles of instructor and instructed."



Light and shadow — "All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow." – Leo Tolstoy.



Fantasy — "Sun Wukong somersault cloud and Nezha's Wind Fire Wheels are products of fantasy bearing humanity's dream to fly through the air. Who would have thought that the Fair of 10,000 Nations in Shanghai's Lujiazui district, described in the late-Qing fantasy novel New China, and the journey "From the Earth to the Moon" dreamt up by French science fiction novelist Jules Verne would become reality today? Fantasy arises from the human instinct to seek out knowledge and is an expression of humanity's uncommon imagination. Fantasy motivates reality, fantasy illuminates life, fantasy is the source of happiness…"



Recovering childhood — "Why do we want to recover childhood? Because society is too utilitarian, children have too much pressure, and childhood ends too early. Society needs innocence and required a return to childhood."



The birth of Grimm's Fairy Tales — "The brothers Grimm felt that there was a connection between folk tales and human history, but after collecting many of them without finding that connection, they gave up. Later on, a friend chanced across the things they had compiled, and arranged with a publisher to have it published, becoming what we know as Grimm's Fairy Tales."



Points and Life — "A point can form a line, can form a plane, can form a body. Life is like a few unregulated points which can be connected into countless lines, which can then form different planes, which can then form different geometric objects."



Success and the environment — (1) A tropical fish placed in a fishbowl will only grow three inches long; placed in a pond, it can grow quite large. (2) Wolves are so strong and powerful because they live in an outdoor environment. (3) A psychologist picked ten people and told them they had extraordinary talent. They then went on to find success. Later, the psychologist admitted that they were just ordinary people.



Happiness is ____ — (1) A poll on November 19, 2009 showed that 80% of Chinese respondents felt that happiness was connected to a house; more than 90% of Japanese respondents felt there was no connection. (2) A philosopher fell into the water, and after he was hauled ashore, the first thing he said was "Breathing is such a happy thing“. Living is happiness. But why do so many people ruin themselves for "so-called happiness"? (3) "At its most superficial, happiness comes from desire and material objects, but these can never be satisfied in life." (4) "Everyone pursues happiness, but in the pursuit of your own happiness, you must not harm others, or harm the country."


作文素材:《吴兴杂诗》 (清,阮元)“交流四水抱城斜,散作千溪遍万家。深处种菱浅种稻,不深不浅种荷花。”

Philosophical association: Take inspiration from the philosophy expressed by Ruan Yuan's "Poem on Wuxing" .



湖南作文题一个字“早”,表面上很简单,但实际上却可能有多种含义。要是把“早”的意思说全了,除了morning以外,还有early(早),young(早熟), premature(早产),previously(早先),as early as(及早),luckily(早该),for a long time(早已)等等。湖南的考生到底是怎样理解这个“早”字的呢?






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