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这10种被捧上天的护肤品 买了就是浪费钱 10 trendy skin-care products that are a waste of money

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Many eye creams say they will lessen wrinkles and help with dark circles, and they aren't wrong — keeping your under eye area hydrated helps prevent wrinkles and improves overall appearance according to Livestrong.


What you need to keep in mind when it comes to eye creams, though, is that the ingredients in many popular eye creams actually don't differ much from a facial moisturizer, according to Fry Face. The only real difference tends to be that it's much less product for a lot more money.

Fry Face网站称,你需要记住的是,许多大热眼霜的成分实际上和补水面霜差别不大。唯一的区别在于,你付了更多的钱买到了一瓶少得多的面霜。

Instead, just use a high-quality moisturizer all over your face, including your under eye area.





If you do any research into skin care, you'll notice a number of fancy-sounding names popping up. But what's important to remember is that a product having a cool name doesn't inherently make it a good product.


Be sure to do research into the ingredients and quality of every product you buy, rather than relying on the name itself.





Over the last few years, coconut oil has been a hugely trendy skin-care product, touted for its use for everything from hair to body to face. But is it really worth it? Sadly, coconut oil can actually be pore-clogging, according to Healthline. Of course, if it works for you, you should still use it, but if you find yourself breaking out, it could be the cause.





There are tons of skin-care pills and other supplements out there. You might think you need a supplement to have clear, glowing skin, but they aren't all created equally. Do you need to use these skin-care supplements? Probably not, according to The Klog.
市面上的各种护肤药品和补品数不胜数,你也许以为自己需要服用补品才能拥有光洁红润的肌肤。但这些药品成分不尽相同。你需要服用护肤药品吗?The Klog网站的答案是,并不需要。

But if you're going to try them, make sure you pay attention to what they're actually made of so you're not just seeing a placebo effect.


Besides, make sure that the impact won't wear off if you stop taking the supplement. You might notice that your skin is only as good for as long as you're taking the product, which can get expensive.





In the last year, face mists have become very popular, with many people owning one (if not several). They seem easy enough. You can keep them in your purse, or on your desk, and you can put them in the fridge for a cooling effect. But do they actually do anything?


If you review the ingredients on many mists, they're just often water with artificial coloring and some fragrance reported Refinery29. For people with sensitive skin, these can actually have a negative impact, as these artificial colors and scents can irritate and lead to redness or even breakouts.





Leave these to the professionals. While some swear by doing chemical peels at home, noting how much cheaper it can be, others have had negative experiences with at-home chemical peels, according to ABC News.





Though we may wish it weren't the case, products that promise to give you abs and a flatter stomach just don't work. You can't apply a lotion and end up with a six-pack. The only thing that can do that is a specific diet and workout routine (and sometimes genetics).





Similarly, cellulite creams aren't effective. Since cellulite is largely the result of genetics, there's not much that can be done to get rid of it. Cellulite is very common, with Scientific American reporting that 90% of people who identify as women and 10% of people who identify as men have cellulite. If you expect an overpriced cream to get rid of it, you'll end up disappointed.





They're pretty, and they're cheap, but do sheet masks really do anything? It depends on who you ask. Some skin-care professionals think that sheet masks do nothing at all, according to The Cut, while others consider them to be a holy grail product. At the end of the day, though, it all comes down to how you use them, and what sheet masks you're using, according to The Everygirl.

面膜精致又便宜,但是面膜真的有用吗?在这一点上是公说公有理,婆说婆有理。据The Cut网站报道,一些护肤专家认为,面膜根本没用,而另外一些人则将面膜奉为护肤圣品。The Everygirl网站表示,归根结底,有用没用都取决于你是如何使用面膜的,以及使用的是什么面膜产品。

For example, just grabbing any sheet mask without reviewing the ingredients or reading about other people's experience with them probably isn't going to do you any favors, while doing your research and some trial and error would lead you to your skin-care savior.





If you have blackheads, you know how frustrating they can be to deal with. Now, you can purchase a blackhead extractor online and in many beauty stores, but this is one skincare product you definitely don't need. It requires expertise to be able to use a tool like this, and trying it out at home can be ineffective at best, and can lead to scarring or more at worst, according to Glamour.




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