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Jet pack medics to the rescue 英国测试能让医护人员 “飞” 向患者的喷气式飞行服



Jet pack medics to the rescue 英国测试能让医护人员 “飞” 向患者的喷气式飞行服


有关 “medical emergencies(医疗紧急情况)” 的词汇


Who invented this jet pack?


It was one man's dream to fly and an emergency service's desperation to reach critically ill patients much quicker that's led to this.


A test flight for the Great North Air Ambulance Service, that they hope will lead to them launching the world's first jet suit paramedic.

这是大北部空中救援队(Great North Air Ambulance Service)的一次试飞,他们希望这次试飞后能推出世界首个穿喷气式飞行服的急救医护人员

Andy Mawson, Great North Air Ambulance Service
You know, we're not talking about big distances but we're talking about steep gradients. And that's the difference. You know, our personal experience of carrying medical kit up the side of a mountain in the Lakes (The Lake District, UK), to get to someone having a heart attack is so difficult. [But] you know, we're fairly confident that with a rapid response car and a jet suit, that we're going to really reduce response times in the area.

安迪·莫森     大北部空中救援队(Great North Air Ambulance Service)

The jet pack can fly for around five minutes. But this flight in the Langdale Pikes took just 90 seconds to reach the location – a journey that would've taken around 25 minutes on foot.


Andy Mawson, Great North Air Ambulance Service
If somebody had a cardiac arrest on the top of Helvellyn and we were able to deploy the jet suit, I'm confident that we'd have a defib (defibrillator) on that patient within eight minutes. Right now, our aircraft would probably be the first on scene obviously and that might take maybe 20 to 25 minutes.

安迪·莫森     大北部空中救援队(Great North Air Ambulance Service)

Richard Browning was wearing the jet suit he invented to show the ambulance service how it worked.


Richard Browning, jet pack inventor
They work by using micro jet engines, so pretty much the same things that you have on a jet aircraft, you know, jetliner. There's two on each arm, one on the back. And the way that they then blow so much air downwards, allows you to then lift off the ground. And then all the manoeuvrability is actually down to using your own natural human balance and coordination. If you point them increasingly downwards, you go up and if you flare them out, you come down again.

理查德·布朗宁     喷气式飞行服发明者

The Great North Air Ambulance Service is now in talks to make modifications to the jet suit – with the hope of sending a paramedic up to reach their first patients by next summer.

大北部空中救援队正在就喷气式飞行服的修改意见进行商讨,他们希望能在明年夏天到来之前派出急救医护人员 “飞” 向第一批病人。


critically ill 危重的,病危的

paramedic 急救医护人员

rapid response 快速反应

cardiac arrest 心脏病发作,心脏骤停

defib (defibrillator) 心脏除颤器


This jet pack was invented by Richard Browning.



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