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Pride & Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》(精讲之四)
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思想火花Mr. Collins



Collins: Dear Miss Elizabeth, I am sure my attentions have been too marked to be mistaken. Almost as soon as I entered the house, Isingled you outas the companion of my future life. But before I am run away with my feelings, perhaps I may state my reasons for marrying. Firstly, that it is the duty of a clergyman to set the example of matrimony in his parish. Secondly, that I am convinced it will add greatly to my happiness. And thirdly, that it is at the urging of my esteemed patroness, Lady Catherine, that I select a wife. My object in coming to Longbourn was to choose such a one from among Mr. Bennet's daughters, for I am to inherit the estate and such an alliance will surely…suit everyone. And now nothing remains but for me to assure you in the most animated language of the violence of my affections.

Elizabeth: Mr. Collins!

Collins: And that no reproach on the subject of fortune will cross my lips once we're married.

Elizabeth: You're toohasty, sir. You forget that I have given no answer.

Collins: I must add that Lady Catherine will thoroughly approve when I speak to her of your modesty, economy and other amiable qualities

Elizabeth: Sir, I am honored by your proposal, but I regret that I must decline it.

Collins: I know ladies don't seek to seem too eager...

Elizabeth: Mr. Collins, I am perfectly serious. You could not make me happy. And I'm convincedI'm the last woman in the world who could make you happy.

Collins: Iflatter myself, cousin, that your refusal is merely a natural delicacy. Besides, you should take into account that despite the manifold attractions, it is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may ever be made to you...
Elizabeth: Mr. Collins!

Collins: ...I must conclude that you simply seek to increase my love by suspense...

Elizabeth: Sir!

Collins: ...according to the usual practice of elegant females.

Elizabeth: Sir, I am not the sort of female to torment a respectable man. Please understand me, I cannot accept you.


1. single out

If you single sb. out from a group, you choose them and give them special attention or treatment. 挑选
e.g. Mr. Collins singled out Jane first as his future wife at first, but then he switched to Elizabeth.
He was singled out by his teacher to take part in the competition.

2. hasty

e.g. They shouldn't have made such a hasty decision.
Haste makes waste
More haste, less speed.

3. I'm the last woman in the world who could make you happy.

这种句型的基本结构是“the last+名词+定语从句”,表达最大程度的否定或者不赞成。本句话的意思是:我是这个世界上最不可能带给你幸福的女人。
e.g. To be a teacher is the last thing in the world that I could do. 我最不愿意干的事就是当老师。
This city is the last place that I want to live in the world. 我最不愿意生活的地方就是这个城市。

4. flatter oneself that

If you flatter yourself that something good is the case, you believe that it is true, although others may disagree. 自鸣得意,自以为
e.g. They flattered themselves that they would win. 他们自以为会一定获胜。

If someone flatters you, they praise you in an exaggerated way that is not sincere, because they want to please you or to persuade you to do something. 奉承,谄媚
e.g. I knew she was just flattering me, because she wanted me to buy her scarf.
如: How flattering your company is since so many other companies are after you.
If you feel flattered by something that has happened, you are pleased about it because it makes you feel important or special. 表示"受宠若惊"的意思
e.g. I feel flattered by what you said. 你的话让我受宠若惊。

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