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The Week March 11, 2011

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Buried in paperwork

In the news this week is the story of a 54-year-old man from Northeast China. He got his name in the Guinness Book of World Records by spending the most time buried in the snow. He buried himself for a record-setting 46 minutes. But what about the man who was buried under paperwork for 46 days? We found him at an office right here in Beijing …

Robots in the kitchen

It’s time for our segment on cool new gadgets. This week, it’s robots in the kitchen. A Chinese man from Hebei province has invented Chef Cui, a robot who makes hand-shaved noodles. But he’s not the first to invent robots for the kitchen. In Japan, inventors recently showed off robots that can do lots of things in the kitchen.

World’s slowest thief

There are thieves who know how to break in and get away with the money in a matter of minutes. But this week there was a thief in China who took a lot longer to break into a bank.

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The Week March 11, 2011

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The Week March 11, 2011

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