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The Week June 3, 2011

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Children’s Day: Is it for everyone?

A woman in Guangzhou this week took to the streets asking that she be allowed to take off June 1, which was International Children’s Day, to spend more time with her child. That’s a sensible idea. What’s not so sensible is grownups acting like children as an excuse to celebrate International Children’s Day. That could lead to more children acting like grownups.

Candwich: A sandwich in a can

The Internet is buzzing this week with the newest meal in a can. It’s called the Candwich because it’s a sandwich in a can. Joining us for an exclusive interview with the inventor is our senior correspondent on strange things you can find in cans, Chris Clark.

Chuar Wars

Summer’s here, which means it’s time for silly sports. This week, the sports world is making fun of Bo-Taoshi. A team of Japanese military cadets will do anything to capture a giant pole controlled by the other team. Here in China, we wouldn’t fight over a silly pole. But when it comes to who gets the last shish kabob, which we call chuar, what can happen is, well, Chuar Wars …

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The Week June 3, 2011

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The Week June 3, 2011

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