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THE WEEK Jan 25: I'm a victim

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Manti Te'o: I'm a victim

American college football player, Manti Te'o, was tossed into the national spotlight this season after tragedy in his family fueled his desire to win. He lost his grandmother and girlfriend within hours of each other but did not let those losses turn into losses on the field. After an undefeated regular season, Teo's team battled for the national championship. He became a hero over night. Then, a blog called Deadspin found out that his girlfriend did not exist. The entire story was a hoax. And now the country and the media are desperate to find answers. Was Te'o a victim? Or did he perpetrate these lies to boost his popularity?

Lance Armstrong: I lied and cheated

The world's most famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong, came forward to admit that he lied, cheated and acted like a world-class jerk when he was accused of cheating to win his seven Tour de France titles. Armstrong had vehemently denied all of these allegations. But then he started losing sponsors. He had to step down from his cancer foundation. And finally, when he had nothing else to lose except his own family's respect, he decided to talk about all of it to Oprah. Let's just hope the Livestrong Foundation continues doing incredible work for cancer patients.

High school wrestler a true victim

The sports icons we talked about earlier were in total control of their situations, but their own stupidity ultimately led to their failures. That wasn't the case for a high school wrestler who had no control over what happened to him during a match this week.

In or out of control?

Two people made headlines this week for their incredible acts in the sky. The man who used to act in the popular TV series Power Rangers set a record, showing he was in control, by breaking seven wooden boards during a free fall after jumping out of a plane. Then a video showing a close run-in between a plane and a four-wheeler might make you say, "Woah! That was out of control!" But in reality, that was one of the best examples of being "in control" we have ever, ever seen.

This wacky world!

Two people were shot, and a security guard left his gun in the bathroom at a gun show in North Carolina. That should add some fuel to America’s debates on gun policy.

A cancer patient who lost his nose to the disease is in the process of growing another nose on his arm. When it's fully developed, doctors will sew the nose into its rightful place.

At Barack Obama's inaugural ceremony, somehow his wife's hair style and rolling eyes became bigger news stories than his historic speech calling for gay rights.

And in the League Cup final in Wales, Chelsea player Eden Hazard kicked a ball boy during a match. Yes, that's right. He kicked a ball boy.

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