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New Generation of Laptops Unveiled

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LAS VEGAS — Throughout the years, computers have gotten smaller and smaller and thinner, lighter and faster. With the newest advancements, there is a new breed of thin and fast laptops being introduced to the market. They are less than an inch thick and consume less energy than their predecessors.

For over three decades Intel has been providing Semi-conductor chips for computer hardware makers around the world. Intel’s chips have been running many computers for years - both Macs and PCs. But, but since tablet computers hit the market - the trend has shifted towards the small, mobile devices while sales of desktop computers drop.

Earlier this year, Intel introduced a new a new genre of laptops called "ultra-book convertible laptops." Intel Marketing Associate Mike Fard explains. “This year it’s all about touch, we have touch computers based on Windows 8 running the Intel processors, but even more exciting than just touch, is the ultra-book convertible," he said. "What that means is that you have a standard laptop that converts into a tablet and we have multiple designs that feature this capability of going from a tablet to a laptop. This is one from Lenovo; we also have one from Dell.”

Intel has adopted a technology called “Ivy Bridge” on its new line of chips which reduces power consumption dramatically. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company surprised everyone with its announcement that it is ahead of schedule in reducing the power requirements for one group of its processors.

” Energy efficiency is very important to us. We constantly bring out processors that are more energy efficient which means we provide more battery life,” Fard stated.

This newest generation of laptops is sure to be a hit with consumers, with lower prices than before. Earlier thin laptops were in the $1,000 price range. The ultra book convertible however, is expected to sell for around $600 - making it more competitive against regular tablet PCs.


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