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"Since Christmas is over, lots of stores have big sales on - I guess there might be some people spending money thoughtlessly then regret it or be blamed for it. So could you tell me how British people express "烧包" when they want to say they've spent a lot to buy something that is not worth it?"

Maomao (卯卯) from Beijing

Do you know how to say "烧包" in English?

In this Question and Answer of the Week, Feifei and Neil explain many money-related phrases.


Money to burn 字面意思钱多得可以烧了,比喻某人很富裕

Show off 显摆、炫耀

Splash out 挥霍

Loaded 非常有钱的

Minted (非正式口语表达)非常有钱的

Skint 身无分文的

Broke 没钱了

To tighten one's belt 勒紧裤腰带

Scrimp and save 节衣缩食

Value for money 物有所值

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