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Whale song plan for old military base 改建之后的“鲸鱼之歌”旅游景点

Whale song could help turn an old surveillance station into a tourist attraction

苏格兰一座小岛上的居民打算购买当地一幢在冷战期间被用来做监视观察的楼房并将其改造成供游客聆听鲸鱼歌声的景点。以下是 Colin Blane 的报道。

When the top secret radio and radar station was established on the headland at Aird Uig 60 years ago, it was part of Nato’s early warning system against Soviet submarines and aircraft. Now the Ministry of Defence has no further use for the derelict buildings and the windswept clifftop site.

But local people are convinced the old base could help transform the economy of the area. Where Aird Uig once listened out for possible enemy attack, it’s hoped a hydrophone could be placed in the sea to pick up the sound of whales.

There are plans for a visitor centre, with a dark skies night observatory. Other attractions include unexplored sea caves and cliff climbs which have never been tackled.

If it goes ahead, it will be one of Scotland’s smallest and most unusual community buy-outs.

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