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Special book makes water drinkable 巧用书本过滤饮用水

Drinkable water is a rare commodity for millions of people around the world


美国的研究人员设计了一本教人们如何通过过滤方式获取饮用水的说明书。而这本书的每一页纸都可以被撕下来充当滤纸。BBC Jonathan Webb有以下报道:

More than 600 million people around the world lack access to clean drinking water and this book has the potential to help.

It's relatively cheap, easy to ship and its pages serve two purposes: firstly, they are printed with instructions on how and why water should be filtered; secondly, they can be torn out and used as filters.

The paper contains nanoparticles of copper or silver, which kill bacteria and the new trial results from water sources in South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh confirm that on average the paper slashes the bacteria count of contaminated water by well over 99%.

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