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语法测试 - 英语中最常用的时态

语法测试 - 英语中最常用的时态

"时态 tense"是英语语法中的重要部分。交流时,语句中如不包含表明具体时态的词语,那么听话人将很难及时、准确地理解说话人的意思,从而影响有效的交流。做六道小题,考考你对英语中最常用的时态的理解和掌握。

1. What tense is this sentence? "I go to work everyday."

a) The present simple

b) The present continuous

c) The simple past

d) The past continous

2. Which of these is NOT a tense?

a) The present continuous

b) The past perfect

c) The future perfect continuous

d) The passive

3. Choose the sentence which is in the present continous tense.

a) I was running at this time yesterday.

b) She ate out with her friends last night.

c) They are having a meeting now.

d) He is going to a workshop later.

4. Choose the sentence which refers to a future event.

a) Ming is good at drawing.

b) You can't seriously be eating sandwich again!

c) I am watching TV. 

d) Duan is going to London next month. 

5. Choose the sentence which is in the simple past tense.

a) We were travelling in Europe this time last year.

b) Na and Bing gave a presentation on English tenses.

c) They are cooking dinner in the kitchen.

d) Gu will be the head of the English class.

6. Which of these words is usally used to describe future events?

a) last

b) will

c) since

d) yet


1) a, 2) d, 3) c, 4) d, 5) b, 6) b.


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