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1. Which one of these is a countable noun?

a) water

b) song

c) money

d) rice

2. Which sentence uses a countable noun?

a) We need to get some apples.

b) My mobile phone is running out of battery.

c) How many pens do you need for the class?

d) All of the above

3. What can countable nouns have that uncountable nouns can't?

a) Plural forms

b) No indefinite article

c) An adjective before them

d) Nothing – they are the same

4. Which sentence does not contain an example of a countable noun?

a) The supermarket has a fantastic range of wines.

b) That was a lovely song. Let's listen to it again.

c) We'll need twenty chairs for the meeting.

d) I don't think I've got enough money to buy that.

5. Which of these is an example of a countable noun? 

a) furniture

b) information

c) luggage

d) none of the above

6. Which sentence uses a countable noun?

a) There are many different cheeses on display.

b) I have to go buy some cheese.

c) I love the smell of the cheese in that soup.

d) Why don’t you add some cheese to the soup?

1) b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) d, 5) d, 6) a.


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