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动名词,即动词 + ing 形式,是兼有动词和名词特性的非限定性动词。什么时候应该在动词后加 ing 构成动名词呢?你能在一个句子中准确地找出其含有的动名词吗?做测试,考考你对“英语动名词”的掌握。

1. Complete this sentence. A gerund is a noun formed from a ______?

a) adjective

b) verb

c) infinitive

d) all of above

2. Which of these contains an example of a gerund

a) I stopped smoking for about 15 months, but then I started again

b) Sorry I'm late - I stopped to help a man cross the road

c) Can you fix the dripping tap?

d) None of the above

3. Which sentence correctly uses a gerund?

a) I suggesting going to the cinema

b) I suggested we go to the cinema

c) I suggested going to the cinema

d) I suggest we going to the cinema

4. Only a gerund can follow which of these verbs?

a) agree

b) decide

c) manage

d) avoid

5. Use some of these words to make a sentence containing a gerund and choose the correct one.

is ukulele tried to learn Sunny learning the

a) Sunny tried to learn the ukulele

b) Sunny is tried learning the ukulele

c) Sunny is learning to ukulele

d) Sunny tried learning the ukulele

6. Which one of these sentences uses a gerund?

a) Are you running a bath?

b) The water was running for hours

c) Running the water will fill the bath

d) None of the above

1) b, 2) a, 3) c, 4) d, 5) d, 6) c.


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