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英语中动名词的形式是“动词+-ing”,而动词不定式的形式则是“to + 动词原形”。动词不定式不受人称或时态等所限定,故被称为“不定式”,属于非谓语动词。做小测验,测试你对动词不定式基本用法的掌握。

1. Which sentence correctly uses an infinitive?

a) My father asked me to phone him.

b) Tony likes to eat at restaurants.

c) Jason wants to visit a museum on Friday.

d) all of above

2. Which of these common verbs is only followed by an infinitive?

a) learn

b) hate

c) enjoy

d) admit

3. Which sentence correctly uses a negative infinitive?

a) Frank hopes to travel not over the holidays.

b) Frank doesn't hope to be travelling over the holidays.

c) Frank hopes to be travelling over the holidays.

d) Frank hopes not to travel over the holidays.

4.  John stopped ______ his shoelace.

a) to ties

b) to tie

c) and tie

d) tie up

5. What is another way of saying: "Tony likes eating at restaurants."?

a) Tony likes to eat to restaurants.

b) Tony likes to eating at restaurants.

c) Tony likes to eat at restaurants.

d) None of the above

6. This year's Spring Festival is in February. By the end of December, we need ______ our tickets home.

a) book

b) to book

c) to have booked

d) to be booked

1) d, 2) a, 3) d, 4) b, 5) c, 6) c.


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