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小测验 - 英语中常用的连词

小测验 - 英语中常用的连词

顾名思义,英语连词是用来连接词与词、短语与短语、以及句子与句子的虚词。常用的连词包括“and”、“but”、“because”、“even though”、“while”和“so”。做这个小测验,试试你对常用英语连词使用方法的掌握。

1. Choose the best conjunction to complete this sentence:
"He lost his great job ______ he was always late."

a) even though

b) because

c) while

d) but

2. Which sentence does NOT use a conjunction correctly?

a) It was raining but we didn't mind.

b) It was raining so we couldn't play in the garden.

c) While it was raining we stayed indoors.

d) None of the above – they are all correct

3. Which conjunction in this sentence highlights a contrast in what has happened?
"He lost his great job ______ he wasn't unhappy."

a) even though

b) therefore

c) but

d) so

4. Which sentence uses a conjunction word that adds a reason for something?

a) I want to go out tonight, but I feel too tired so I'm not going to.

b) Even though I want to go out tonight, I can't because I feel too tired.

c) I feel too tired to go out tonight, even though I want to.

d) All of the above

5. Which sentence uses a conjunction correctly?

a) It was my birthday so I could eat what I liked!

b) It was my birthday but I was given loads of presents.

c) Even though it was my birthday, I decided to go out and celebrate.

d) It was my birthday because I had to go to work.

6. Which is the correct conjunction to complete this sentence?
"I climbed the mountain all day ______ finally made it to the top by the evening."

a) so

b) but

c) and

d) while

1) b, 2) d, 3) c, 4) b, 5) a, 6) c.


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